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Hi! I'm Ellie Rivkin - a creative, curious, and humble soul.  I am a recent transplant to Portland, OR from Brooklyn, where my creative energy thrives off the bustling city and the great outdoors. My work is inspired by many sources, including travel and lifelong hobbies such as sewing, natural dyeing, pottery, and cooking.

My passion for the interaction between art and functionality drove me to study Apparel Design.  As my career develops, I have grown into a multi-disciplinary designer with experience in CAD/textile design and technical apparel. 

Built from a real-world, technical perspective, I have developed a unique background that has empowered me to see a realistic approach to each new idea and project. In addition, I believe progressive design is an important part of designing today and the products we create should have sustainability and global impacts in mind.  

I am always interested in new opportunities and collaborations, so feel free to send a message!